Sun 31/07/16

The last day of our pilgrimage to the wilds of East Sussex was gloriously sunny, and the butterflies were out in huge numbers! There were common blues, gatekeepers, various skippers, meadow browns, small and large whites, one solitary painted lady, and red Admirals. First though, a family of moorhens and a Roesel’s bush cricket …

A family of moorhens Gallinula chloropus
A family of moorhens Gallinula chloropus


Left:  My favourite bush cricket! This is Roesel’s bush cricket Metrioptera roeselii




Below are the best of my butterflies. A bit disappointed really, because I took loads of shots of common blues, both the blue males and the brown females, and some skippers as well, but they all came out really duff. However, I did get my first ever decent shots of basking meadow browns, so that is a consolation. Gatekeepers are the easiest butterflies to photograph, and give fantastic results too!

A pair of gatekeepers Pyronia tithonus
A pair of gatekeepers Pyronia tithonus

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