Mon 05/09/16

Chinese Character moth Cilix glaucata
Chinese Character moth Cilix glaucata

On our way to the coast a short while ago, I stopped at a service station to use the conveniences, whereupon I spotted a very small but curiously shaped moth, pale but with arch-shaped wings that made it almost semi-circular. Now, even I am not going to whip my camera out in the gents when there are other people in there, so I had to let it go unphotographed. Then today, I found another one at the factory, and it turns out to be the Chinese character moth. This is a pretty faded specimen, the brown marking is supposed to be much more extensive. This is one of a number of small moths that are considered to be bird’s dropping mimics; ie: the moth is camouflaged as a bird’s dropping to avoid being eaten. 

Garden or diadem spider Araneus diadematus
Garden or diadem spider Araneus diadematus

The strange thing is that no one seems to know why it is called the ‘Chinese character’. 


Now I know what you’re all thinking. Why does he keep showing photos of all these weird, exotic and above all, tiny creatures, and never give us a good old closeup of one of our local monsters? All right then, just to please you, on the left is a lovely, sharp and detailed photo of the common garden or diadem spider Araneus diadematus. It is called the diadem spider because the cross on its back is reminiscent of the cross on a monarch’s crown, so I understand.




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