Thu 13/09/16

Hummingbird hawk moth
Hummingbird hawk moth

We are having one of the most manically hot spells we’ve ever had at the moment; this is the hottest September day since 1911 or something like that, and is also the hottest day of the year so far – the summer was a long time coming and July was pretty mild, but suddenly summer is here with a vengeance! We were having our dinner in the back garden when I noticed a fairly large insect land on the pebbledashed wall a couple of houses up the road. It was still there when we finished our meal, so I got the camera on it – it was just starting to get dark, and I had the camera on full zoom, so the pictures are a bit grainy. I was expecting it to be a queen wasp or one of those really big hover flies or something, but I’m pretty sure this is actually a hummingbird hawk moth; a wonderful insect capable of hovering like a hummingbird while it sips nectar from flower. 

Hummingbird hawk moth
Hummingbird hawk moth

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