Mon 19/09/16


When I was walking in to work this morning, a V-shaped formation of large birds flew overhead – I expected them to be geese, but they were cormorants. I have never seen them flying in numbers before, and didn’t know they did this V-formation thing. They were flying south-west, so I had to do a quick bit of research to see whether cormorants are migratory. This is what I found on the website:


Cormorants do migrate, sometimes over long distances, but unlike many other migratory birds, they do not all migrate at the same time or to the same areas. For example, migration habits in Europe depend to some extent on the geographical position of the breeding colony. Many birds from northern countries and central Europe migrate south in winter. However, distances vary extensively among individuals from the same colony and with the severity of the winter – thus, some birds just move 100km southwards whereas others fly in steps across the Mediterranean to the coast of North Africa.


One North American site specifically made mention of a species called the double-crested cormorant that migrates in V-formation.

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