Mon 26/09/16

The metal skin of the warehouse at work is a marvellous habitat for wildlife. It is corrugated, so there are (probably literally) miles of crannies in which for spiders to build webs and moths to gain some surcease from the sun and the wind. Sometimes things appear there that really shouldn’t – like this tiny green spider. This is Nigma walcknaeri, a small species, (maybe 5mm long), that spins a small silken cell on the top side of a leaf and preys on passing insect traffic. They usually live in colonies on a single low-growing bush. This one was about 30 feet from the nearest likely-looking scrubby tree, so I went to investigate – and there is, in fact, a colony there. So what this little spider thought it had to gain by walking 30 feet over the tarmac and climbing a metal warehouse, I have no idea.

Spider Nigma walcknaeri
Spider Nigma walcknaeri

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