Thu 22/09/16

You don’t wanna know
You don’t wanna know

OK, here’s something to give you nightmares. You know how you sometimes see wasps nosing around holes in the wall or in wood looking for somewhere handy to build a nest or something like that? Well if there are any wasps reading, you don’t want to get too close to those holes without knowing what is in there, or this could happen. I saw what looked like a wasp stuck on the wall, perhaps on a sticky patch of tar or something. I had to look quite closely to realise what was happening – the wasp had strayed too close to a hole in the brickwork, occupied by a Segestria florentina spider, which had darted out and grabbed its prey. The spider has retreated back into the hole, leaving just its legs sticking out, with the wasp firmly entrapped in them. That wasp isn’t going anywhere. Ever.

Spider Segestria florentina with common wasp
Spider Segestria florentina with common wasp

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