Wed 28/09/16

Spider Nigma walcknaeri
Spider Nigma walcknaeri

Oooh, this is definitely mating season for big, hairy house spiders. Come the autumn, the males leave their webs and go wandering in search of females. I found a pretty large specimen on the outside windowsill of our house when I left for work this morning, and another on the outside wall right by the entrance to the offices at work. That one was hugely leggy.



On the rightI have another picture of the green spider Nigma walcknaeri, still on its native leaf, and with a human hand for scale. This shows how good their camouflage is under normal circumstances.


Had a bit of an oddity actually. While I was scrutinising this bush for little green spiders, I found a leaf that was folded over, longways, and stuck down with silk. I could see a couple of legs poking out of the end of it, so I unfurled the leaf a bit, and a quite false widow spider emerged. Then I unstuck the leaf a bit more, and there was a little pair of cocoons in a silk sac near the closed end, shown here:

Some kind of chrysalis or pupa double act
Some kind of chrysalis or pupa double act
A small false  widow spider
A small false widow spider

I can’t really imagine what a false widow spider was doing in a leaf sac belonging to, probably, a small moth caterpillar. Or maybe even two. I don’t know what caterpillars build their cocoons in pairs either, or maybe it’s just one, broken in half. Bizarre.

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