Sun 02/10/16

Box bug nymph
Box bug nymph

We took a trip out to Cliffe Pools today, blackberrying. Loads of dragonflies around at the moment, but I also found this bug nymph. A couple of my Facebook friends kindly identified it as a kind of squash bug nymph, quite probably the box bug Gonocerus acuteangulatus. Thanks Deb and Phil!

There are some marvellous lichens inhabiting the small, scrubby trees by the lakes. Take a look at this one, which covered one small tree almost completely:


Took the long way home through the countryside around Cliffe, where there seemed to be a lot of pheasants, such as this one, one of a couple of males a few yards from the road. I think we only saw males, actually.

A pheasant in a field
A pheasant in a field

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