Thu 13/10/16

A yellow underwing moth of some variety. At least, an ex-yellow underwing moth
A yellow underwing moth of some variety. At least, an ex-yellow underwing moth

Someone drew my attention to a large, brown moth that was apparently lurking just outside the door to the office block at work. When I went to investigate, I did indeed find a large brown moth, but it was sadly deceased. One of the larger yellow underwing varieties by the looks of it, but I’m not exactly sure which one – I’m going for the lesser yellow underwing Noctua comes I think.

Spider Segestria florentina
Spider Segestria florentina

One of the diagnostic field-marks of this monster is the metallic green chelicerae, (fangs), but I have never seen them catch the light like this before. I prodded the beast a bit to get it to open up, and those teeth lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s not the biggest specimen I have ever seen, but it’s big enough.


Next time I looked, it was huddled up again, and I wondered whether it was going to attempt to hibernate in that position, but by the next day it was gone. It seems too big to fit in that hole in the background; it could have been shedding its skin and growing, but there were no discarded remnants obviously hanging around.

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