Tue 10/01/17

Female light brown apple moth Epiphyas postvittana
Female light brown apple moth Epiphyas postvittana

The temperature has been fluctuating alarmingly over the new year, from biting, frosty cold to warm and wet, with odd bits of glorious sunshine thrown in. Three days ago I saw some nice outside windowsill flower displays, then two days ago spotted some bulbs pushing through in someone’s garden. When I came into work early yesterday morning, a male false widow spider was slowly making its way across the office ceiling before settling curled up at the edge of one of the ceiling tiles. I didn’t tell the guy who sat under it all day. Today I found the first outdoor moth of the year, not a plume moth as I had been expecting, but a light brown apple moth on a fence post by the main office decking. This one is a female; the male has much more distinct markings. Really not very exciting, but it’s unusual for a moth to be my first post of the year; last year, a spider and a fungus beat them to it.

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