Thu 02/03/17

Theridion spider with ladybird
Theridion spider with ladybird


Found a little spider today chomping on a harlequin ladybird under an outside window ledge on the office building at work. It fell off when I poked it, landing a bit further down the wall, but the bright sun made it quite difficult to get a really good shot. I have had to submit the feeble photographs on the right and below to Chris at Rye Harbour, to see if he can make anything of them.


Spider, Theridion species
Spider, Theridion species

Later on though, we went for an after-dark walk in our local public wild space, and our son found this little spider on the ground.

I took some photos of it by torchlight. The spider is quite small, only 8 or 9mm long I should say, but I think it is a young Agelene labyrinthica, or labyrinth spider. I have seen full-grown ones in this park before.



Here is Chris’ reply:


The dark one that you thought was Agelena is probably Haplodrassus signifer which is a pretty common thing, slightly greasy looking with an indistinct pattern on the abdomen.

The one with the harlequin is either Theridion melanurum or mystaceum (not sure you can tell them apart from a photo, it’s a genitals job). 

Spider Haplodrassus signifer
Spider Haplodrassus signifer

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