Fri 17/03/17

I have been told by the authorities at work to clear off at lunchtimes; get away from my desk and go for a walk. So today I found myself wandering loose outside the confines, and unrolling nettle leaves for want of anything better to do. I found this little caterpillar inside one; not sure what it is, but I’m wondering if it will turn out to be a peacock butterfly.  

Indeterminate caterpillar
Indeterminate caterpillar

I also found this neat little spider wandering about on the outside wall of the office block, anchored by a thin strand of silk. The spider I mean, not the office block. I managed to identify this as a spider of the genus Pardosa; Chris at Rye reckons probably Pardosa monticola or Pardosa palustris, the marsh wolf spider.

Probably Pardosa monticola or Pardosa palustris
Probably Pardosa monticola or Pardosa palustris

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