Mon 22/05/17

About this time of year these little clusters of spiderlings start appearing. They are common garden or diadem spiders Araneus diadematus, which huddle together for protection. If touched though, they scatter like a slow-motion firework. In fact I didn’t even touch this lot; I touched the metal wall nearby and they sensed the vibration and scattered anyway.

It’s always good fun to watch. You should try it some time. Just blow on them gently if you don’t want to touch them. The other thing I found at the factory complex today was this nice moth, overleaf. It is a geometrid moth named the small waved umber, with a wing span a little over 3cm. In fact I have seen a couple of these around the factory buildings this week.

Small waved umber moth Horisme vitalbata
Small waved umber moth Horisme vitalbata

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