Sun 03/12/2017

Well, a couple of things happened at the beginning of November. Firstly, I decided not to try to photograph every tiny bug I see, as I can never keep up with my own stuff and I always seem to be behind uploading it. Secondly, November was so hideously cold and miserable that there was nothing about anyway. The result is that there has been nothing worth reporting on for weeks. Nevertheless, a huge irruption of hawfinches from the continent has been reported, so I hurried out to Ashenbank Woods for half an hour this afternoon to see if I could see anything.

Siskins Spinus spinus – I think!
Siskins Spinus spinus – I think!


Apparently the invasion has been going for a couple of months, although I only read about it on Friday. But this afternoon was so poor, grey and overcast I could hardly see anything anyway. I made out one chaffinch, a couple of blackbirds and a whole load of pigeons and jackdaws. There were also a few grey-silhouette birds high in the branches, but the light was so appalling, all I could do was attempt a couple of long-range photos so I could identify them when I got home. It turns out that one was a bog-standard great tit, but I think these little fellow high up in a birch tree are siskins.


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