Tue 30/05/2018

Blue tit Cyanistes caeruleus
Blue tit Cyanistes caeruleus

Found this fledgling blue tit in the wooded section of Church walk on my way home. It couldn’t fly, although I think it is only a day or two short. It may have tried to fledge just a little too early, or maybe the rain had knocked it out of the nest. There was another storm today with torrential rain, really very spectacular. One of the parents was swooping around, twittering when I found it. Hope it makes it OK.

The rain may also have rousted this spider out of its accustomed lair, and it was huddled in the reveal of our next-door neighbour’s kitchen window. Honestly, this is by far the OhMyGawdWhatTheHellIsThat-est spider I have seen this year, and may even be a contender for biggest one ever. This is a full-grown female house spider Tegenaria domestica. The one on the right is a close-up by the way – it is not that massive!

Two photos of the same house spider Tegenaria domestica
Two photos of the same house spider Tegenaria domestica

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