Wed 20/06/2018

Found this nice dusky yellow moth in the back garden today. With a wingspan of about an inch, this is the yellow shell moth. They are apparently quite variable, but most of the time they look exactly like this …

Yellow shell moth Camptogramma bilineata
Yellow shell moth Camptogramma bilineata
Robber fly
Robber fly

Another find was this totally weird fly in the conservatory. At not much more than a centimetre long, it looks at first like a tiny, tiny damselfly. This is, in fact, a member of the robber flies family. They are predatory and are called robber flies because they catch smaller flies in those powerful, grasping legs and carry them off.


After a bit of Googling, I belie this is the Striped Slender Robberfly Leptogaster cylindrica.  (Thanks to

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