Sun 15/07/2018

I took some more shots of the little jumping spider today, seeing as it has been hanging around for a fair while. Here is the best of them, but it is a tiny little creature, 5mm long maybe.


Jumping spider Sitticus pubescens
Jumping spider Sitticus pubescens


Yesterday there was a bit of a yelp from the conservatory as my wife spotted first, an empty skin that looked as if it might have previously been inhabited by some skinny, gangly spider, and then immediately afterwards spotted a freshly-emerged harvestman on the underside of a shelf right next to her head. 


I have to say, this one was full-grown and exhibited a remarkable leg span,



but I caught it and threw it into the flowerbeds in the garden. Needless to say, this morning it’s back and sitting, bold as brass, on the conservatory net curtains.


This time I made sure it went over the fence.

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