Fri 04/10/2018

Spider Nigma walcknaeri stuck in another spider’s web …
Spider Nigma walcknaeri stuck in another spider’s web …


The creepy-crawly population seems to be reasserting itself down at the factory. I was a bit surprised to notice this small green spider caught in a large orb web. The orb web belongs to a common garden spider, but the little green critter is a Nigma waelckneri, and they usually live on the surface of leaves. There are no leaves within about 30 feet, and even though I occasionally find on one the warehouse wall, it would have had to jump or fly to find itself in this predicament. Strange, although it appears to have got away with it so far.


The moth below is a fairly common find down at the factory, on the metal warehouse wall as here. Despite having a good 2-inch wing span it is easily overlooked in the wild, being perfectly bark-camouflaged and almost completely flat!

Willow beauty moth Peribatodes rhomboidaria
Willow beauty moth Peribatodes rhomboidaria
Miscellaneous noctuid moth
Miscellaneous noctuid moth

This relatively small (half an inch) noctuid moth drew my eye and I took a few photos of it, but to be honest it is so incredibly vaguely marked that I can’t be bothered leafing through the moth book page by page in a vain attempt to ID it. It is a nice warm orangey brown, but must remain forever obscure I think.


The lacewing below, on the other hand, is a beautiful creature. It has no noticeable blotches on the wings or spots on the head as mentioned in the guides for some of the other common species, so I think this is the most usual green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea.

Green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea
Green lacewing Chrysoperla carnea

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